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Guides to Animal Behavior Programs




Guides to Animal Behavior Programs


Animal Behavior Graduate Program Bulletin

Animal Behavior Graduate Program Bulletin

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a Career Planning Center for Beginning Scientists and Engineers

InterNIC Academic Guide to the Internet

Peterson's Education and Career Center

Database of Colleges and Universites from around the World.

Science Libraries from Yahoo

Scientific American Frontiers

  • Including Ask the Scientists, In the classroom, cool science, resources and:
    • Animal Einsteins
      • On Wednesday, January 20, at 8 p.m. ET, Alan Alda examines the latest research on how animals think in Animal Einsteins.

        First Alan tells the story of Clever Hans, a seemingly super-intelligent horse with a keen gift of perception. From there, it's onto to the University of California Santa Cruz (UCSC) for a visit with Rocky the sea lion, who communicates through a special sign language, and the University of Georgia, where chimps Kanzi and Panbaneesha "speak" symbols. Back at UCSC, another sea lion, Rio, is tested to see if she understands basic logic. At the University of Ohio in Columbus, Sheeba, a chimp, is analyzed to find out whether she understands symbolism. On Cayo Santiago -- an island off the coast of Puerto Rico that's home to almost 1,000 rhesus monkeys -- and in Japan -- home to a chimp named Ai -- primates prove that they understand numbers. Also included are segments on how different kinds of animals solve problems, how they use tools, and whether they are aware of other minds.



  • compiled medical and research news from national news sources around the net. Most of the news articles are concerned with medicine, bioscience, and physics, but all other sciences from agriculture to zoology are commonly included.



  • a metadirectory of science and engineering resources conceived and created by professional scientists.

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