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Allee Awards
About the Allee Award
Karen E. Mabry (2007)
Aaron Rundus (2006)
Christopher Leary (2005)
Emily Duval (2004)
Sarah Conditt Humfeld (2003)
Gail Patricelli (2002)
Daniel J. Mennill (2001)
Deborah Duffy (2000)
Sara E. Cahan (1999)
Mitchell B. Baker (1998)
Andrew T. Storfer (1997)
Previous Allee Awards
Founder's Award
About the Founder's Award
Yu- Fang Tseng (2007) shared with Rebecca Hale (2007)
Claire W. Varian (2006)
Kendra Sewall (2005)
Mark A. Bee (2004)
Anna Nesterova Vlasak (2003)
Amy Toth (2002)
Bernard Brennan (2001)
Heather Heying (2000)
Daniel D. Wiegmann (1999)
Renee L. Robinette (1998)
Founder's Award Contact
Outstanding New Investigator Award
About the Outstanding New Investigator Award
Maydianne C.B. Andrade (2003)
Jeff Podos (2001)
Douglas P. Chivers/H. Kern Reeve (1998)
ONYIA Contact
Genesis Award
About the Genesis Award
Joyce M. Christensen & Jennifer J. Templeton (2003)
Nicole M. Gerlach (2002)
Patricia Eck et al. and
Vincent Formica et al.
(2001 co-winners)
Verónica Solares (2000)
Genesis Award Contact
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The W. C. Brown Distinguished Teaching Award
Robert Matthews (2002)
Katherine Wynne-Edwards (2001)
G. R. Michener (2000)
D. K. Candland (1999)
James L. Gould (1997)
Rudolf Jander (1996)
H. Jane Brockmann (1995)
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ABS Members in the News

Notices are added frequently, with links to articles in, for example, CNN, Nature, Science, NY Times, ABC News, BBC, Scientific American, and more! If you have a link to add, please contact the chair of the Public Affairs Committee.

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