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  1. ABS Public Outreach Survey
  2. ABS Meeting Program Survey 1999
  3. Future Directions Survey - May 2000
  4. Interest in attending in-depth workshop(s) on obtaining funding for animal behavior from NSF, NIH, EPA, etc.

  1. Results of the ABS Public Outreach Survey

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  2. ABS Meeting Program Survey 1999 Results

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  3. Thank you for your input. The results/summary will be posted shortly

    Future Directions and Priorities - Your Ideas?

    We seek your ideas and advice on the future of the study of animal behavior.

    A small group of ABS past and present executive committee members, and NSF Animal Behavior program directors will get together on May 13-14 to discuss the ABS' priorities and possible actions for moving the study of animal behavior forward in the coming years. Issues that we will discuss include:

    1. What are the most exciting future directions and interdisciplinary connections for the study of animal behavior?
    2. What actions might help to enhance funding opportunities for animal behavior at NSF, as well as at other agencies such as NIH, EPA, USDA etc.?
    3. What actions might help to increase either the public's or the scientific community's awareness of the importance of the study of animal behavior?
    4. What are the top priorities for enhancing the teaching of animal behavior?
    5. What can we do to better prepare our graduate students and postdocs for careers in animal behavior?

    Obviously, these are big questions. Your thoughts on priorities and practical actions are appreciated.

    Andrew Sih
    President, ABS

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      Results of the Survey

    1. Interest in attending in-depth workshop(s) on obtaining funding for animal behavior from NSF, NIH, EPA, etc.
    2. As part of the ABS Summit 2000 project, I have been asked to survey the membership on its interest in attending an ABS-sponsored workshop, or series of workshops, on obtaining funding for animal behavior research from NSF, NIH, the EPA, and other (federal?) sources. These workshops would be separate from the annual meeting. The focus group for these workshops would be graduate students and junior faculty, a group which the ABS Executive Committee and the funding agencies feel should benefit most from a workshop on the hows and whys of submitting a fundable proposal.

      These workshops are currently envisioned to be more in-depth, (i.e., longer and more specific) than similar efforts that are made each year at the annual meeting (e.g. Meet the NSF Program Director). For instance, Program Directors and past Program Directors, or their equivalent, would attend and give presentations, along with researchers who have been successful at obtaining funding. We envision a format that would include formal presentations, as well as discussions and opportunities for informal interaction.

      The workshops might be repeated every year or more often, presumably in different parts of the country.

      My goal here is to assess the interest of the membership, and other interested researchers, in this concept. Nothing specific has been locked in stone yet. Of course, interest in attending will depend on many factors, including length of stay, cost, location, and date. Please help shape this idea into an action by responding to the following brief survey.

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