Beyond the Wild Kingdom: Media Insight on Reporting Animal Behavior Research

On 7 August 2000 at the ABS annual meeting in Atlanta, the ABS Public Affairs Committee hosted a lively panel discussion with five science journalists about ways that animal behaviorists can increase the media coverage of their research. The panel discussion was informative, challenging, and lead to many further discussions throughout the rest of the meetings. The journalists discussed different aspects of science journalism, including ways that writers for newspapers, magazines, and television differ in their information needs. Each journalist provided extensive practical advice about the deadlines they work under and about the information that they need from scientists to effectively report on their research. I have summarized a number of the common themes that were emphasized by the journalists about techniques that will increase the probability that your behavioral research will be covered by the media. In addition, Blaine Friedlander and Louise MacLeod provided written ideas and suggestions for ways that both the journal, Animal Behaviour, and individual scientists can receive greater media coverage. Finally, the journalists were kind enough to allow the publication of their addresses so that you can contact them directly to discuss ideas or provide proactive information about your exciting new research publication. Please use these contacts judiciously.

Dr. Linda S. Rayor, Chair, ABS Public Affairs

  1. Summary of Suggestions for Increasing Media Coverage of Your Research

    Linda S. Rayor, Chair, ABS Public Affairs Committee

  2. Ideas and Suggestions: How Animal Behavior Can Get More Media Attention
    Part 1: Getting More Attention for Animal Behavior Research

    Part 2: How to Get More Media Attention

    Blaine Friedlander Jr. - Senior Science Writer, Cornell News Service

  3. How To Get Your Very Own Fifteen Minutes of Fame - On TV

    Louise Mac Leod, Science Documentary Producer and Writer

  4. Addresses of the Science Journalists Participating in the Panel Discussion