ABS Web Site has Moved

During the fall of 2009 the Animal Behavior Society's website started the move to a new domain located at animalbehaviorsociety.org.

Mailing lists, News and Announcements are still being converted and moved. As always questions and/or help can be obtained from our hard working Central Office staff by using the contact form link at the top of the new site. During this very busy period there might be some delay in a response so do not hesitate to contact us again if you do not get a reply in a reasonable amount of time time (usually 24 hours during the week, longer on weekends).

The old site has not gone away yet so if you still need to access it you may do so here

Please update all your bookmarks from:




While we move, update and reorganize, much of our content will be in a state of flux, possibly split among several sites. If you enter our site via a search engine make sure you have located the most current/active document.

Thank you for your patience during the transition!